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Trash Transfer Station


Construction Demolition Recylcing - C.D.R. Trash Transfer Station Building


An aerial view of C.D.R shows the transfer station where general debris is dumped inside the building and processed, sorting out all recyclable materials.


All recyclable yard waste, wood and clean fill is dumped outside and then transferred out to be recycled.

Construction Demolition Recylcing - C.D.R. Trash Transfer Station Aerial View

C.D.R. is our one and only trash transfer station located in Southampton, PA just outside of Philadelphia. Established in 1990 and recently expanded, we can accept debris from commercial haulers and residents with any size load accepted (please see our materials page to see what materials are not accepted).

In addition, as the loads are being dumped, our friendly staff will sort out any material that can be recycled (including: metal, cardboard, clean fill, clean wood and yard waste), minimizing the amount of waste being taken to landfills.



  • All loaded trucks pull onto the scale.

  • Wait for the green light that is to the right, above the office.

  • Pull around, back up to curb and park.

  • Enter building on signal from our plant workers.

  • Scale out and park.

  • Proceed into office

  • Please be careful when loading clean fill such as concrete and dirt as they weigh heavy and are more likely to exceed your vehicles weight capacity.
  • For faster and easier unloading, please try to have your recyclable material separated before arrival.
  • Always be aware of workers, machines and other customers when entering, unloading and exiting the plant.
  • The speed limit on the premises is 5 m.p.h.
  • No Smoking in plant or and unloading area.
  • Hours may change upon extremely inclement snow or ice....please call first.
  • It is a state law...subject to fines by police...that all loads must be secured and tarped.
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