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Trash Transfer Station

Asked Questions




How do you know how much it will cost?


We require you to weigh your vehicle, before and after unloading. We determine the cost by the actual amount of weight you disposed of. 


How much will the minimum cover? 


For demolition debris the minimum would cover anything up to 440 pounds. For yard waste the minimum would cover up to 700 pounds. For concrete the minimum would cover anything up to 2,020 pounds. 


What happens if I am going to make multiple truck loads? DO I have to pay the minimum each time?

You do not have to pay the minimum each time you dump. You are more than welcome to keep an open check or credit card with your open slips, which would be closed out when you are finished, or the end of the business day. 


What is the best time to come?


It is hit or miss. Everybody comes at their leisure so it is really hard to determine that. 


Do you need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment. You can come whenever is a good time for you. Just please remember to allow enough time to unload your material if you are coming near our closing time. 


What if I have two types of material in my vehicle?

If you have two types of material then it is encouraged to double weigh your vehicle. This means weighing your vehicle, getting rid of the first type of debris and then reweighing and repeating the same process over. If you wish to do this, please inform the weighmaster before doing so. 


How do I know if the weighmaster got my weight?

There is a traffic light located above the office window. Please weight for the green light to ensure your weight was properly recorded.


Where do I go once I get off the scale?

General debris goes inside the building, concrete and dirt has a seperate pile outside, and yard waste has a seperate pile outside. If you are confused, our staff will be happy to show you where to go. Please remember to wait your turn to dump!


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and cash.  

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